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New Rumors of Square iPod Touch 4G Next Week With 3G Access, Also iLife on the Table

AppleInsider brings new claims of a redesigned iPod Nano launching at next week’s media event,  with a smaller square design. The reports claims to the possibility offering 3G cellular data access in the new iPod nano. With today’s report, rumors of a major update to iLife and all of its applications on the table.

People familiar with the matter indicated that the size and shape of the device, revealed this week through photos of third-party cases, will be more akin to the iPod shuffle than the current-generation iPod nano. Even with this small size, however, it is expected to have a traditional iPod dock connector, allowing compatibility with the existing iPod accessory ecosystem.

The new iPod nano is said to utilize a tiny 3cm-by-3cm display that was revealed in its bare form as unknown Apple-branded component earlier this summer. For comparison, the second-generation iPod nano had a screen that was about 3cm by 2.5cm.

From the report above, the new iPod touch 4G is said to be tiny 3cm x 3cm display, in brief a smaller square design. Some reports from July claims of “iLife ’11” major update in August with a mystery application, Also today’s report claims to this major update in the next media event on Wednesday (September 1st).

Finally, people who have an ear in on Apple plans say there was some talk a few months ago about dedicating some time at next week’s media event to a new version of its iLife software suite. Rumors of an update to iLife have persisted for most of the year, but so far an updated version of the software suite has failed to materialize. Like the rumors of a 3G option for new iPod touches, however, this bit of information cannot be confirmed at this time with certainty.

Stay Tuned here on CoveringWeb till the Apple’s media event happen, and check our post here for more information about What Apple is releasing in this event ?
Update 1: You can check the full summary of the Apple Special Event here.

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