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Magic Trackpad Hands-On Video

In an earlier post we make a coverage about the new Apple products (Multi-touch Trackpad, New Mac Pro with 12 processing cores and 27″ Cinema Display), today I will show you the first hands-on video for the Magic Trackpad (The first Multi-Touch Trackpad).

This device as you know is used for the Mac desktop computers, Apple describe the Magic Trackpad by “Let your fingers do the clicking, scrolling, and swiping”, Apple priced the Magic Trackpad  with $69,   Magic Trackpad is just like the Trackpad on the MacBook Pro, but it is largest than it by 80%, It’s the largest Multi-Touch trackpad made by Apple, Magic Trackpad features the same sculpted aluminum deign as the Apple wireless keyboard, if you put the beside each other they will look one part, Magic Trackpad works via blutooth. You can see the Hands-on video after the jump.

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