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Jailbreak iOS 4 on All Devices With Spirit Coming Soon!

MuscleNerd, one of the iPhone Dev Team has just answered a guy who was asking him about a Jailbreak for iPhone 4, he already answered him telling him that they already handled Jailbreak for iOS 4 on all Devices (Including iPhone 4) by the simple comex’s tool “Spirit”

Here’s the guy asking MuscleNerd about the Jailbreak:

@MuscleNerd what about a jailbreak!!! Unlocks should come after!!! :-p I need one bad! LOL

And Here’s our Genius, MuscleNerd answering him:

@xfsasx jailbreak for all devices at 4.0 is already handled by upcoming @comex release 🙂 so, good time for iphone4 unlock stuff

If you notice above, he told him by “upcoming @comex release”, that means that it will his popular tool “Spirit”, The amazing thing that Spirit is Untethered Jailbreak with only one Click to jailbreak, the same as Blackra1n by Geo.
Guys, just stay tuned with me on Twitter or on Facebook to get this Jailbreak, then the Unlock whenever it’s released and also get some news like this.

Update 1: MuscleNerd has just tweeted that Comex’s new tool will be the same as Spirit — Works on all Bootrooms, All Devices, and Jailbreak Latest firmwares “iOS 4”..

the next jailbreak from @comex is like first Spirit..all devices, all bootroms, latest FW, painless install

Update 2: MuscleNerd confirmed that the upcoming jailbreak tool from comex for iOS 4 on iPhone 4 and 3GS new Bootrom will be untethered jailbreak.

this upcoming jailbreak won’t be “final” 🙂 but will be untethered and 1-click fun for all devices

Update 3: Finally it’s here, comex released his new userland jailbreak JailbreakMe 2.0 “Star”, check our guides and full coverage here.