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iPhone Alarm Bug DST Causing Problems Across Europe

Lots of bugs spreading this days! This one is about alarm, the alarm of your iPhone has caused some major problems across Europe countries. Most of the iPhone users are running 1 hour late to their offices due to this Bug. The bug basically is when daylight saving was started i.e when they have changed the time to 1 hour early, the iPhone’s clock automatically adjust it to the time but unfortunately the Alarm Clock stayed at the same time. The result? Lots of people getting up an hour late.

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This bug first targeted Australia then Europe and now New Zealand. People living in those places has suffered from this Bug. Apple fans in U.S wants apple to fix this bug before it hits U.S on 7th November. Well, this bug can also manually be fixed but for Apple it will be hard challenge to fix this bug. By the way, Apple has also another bug to fix right now which enables access to your contacts and make calls and bypass lock code. The solution that might work with you is to delete all the Alarms and start over again I think that might help. Let’s see if Apple fixes it when North America makes the switch on November 7th. [via Engadget]

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