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iPhone 5 to Enable Ambitious Remote Computing Program?

Planning to buy an iPhone 5? Here’s some good news for you. iPhone 5 will bring a very interesting feature, remote computing, based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology according to a report from CultOfMac. If the iPhone 5 will be really NFC-enable phone, it means that we can carry multiple desktop settings about our Macs around with us, on our phones, and upload them to a destination Mac of our choice.

If users wave a NFC-equipped iPhone at a NFC Mac (they need to be in close proximity to interact), the Mac will load all their applications, settings and data. It will be as though they are sitting at their own machine at home or work. When the user leaves, and the NFC-equipped iPhone is out of range, the host machine returns to its previous state.

“The Mac authenticates with the iPhone, which contains a lot of the information the computer needs, such as bookmarks, passwords and other data,” said our source, who asked to remain anonymous. “The system would essentially turn any Apple computer into your own — like you’re actually working on your own computer. Same settings, look, bookmarks, preferences. It would all be invisible. Your iPhone would be all you needed to unlock your Mac.”

The report also indicates that small items of information would be stored directly on your iPhone as password, documents, and settings files. But the larger items would be stored in the cloud to be included in the service, given the sizes of those items and the relatively slow transfer speeds used in NFC. This is only rumor and we may never see this but it would be very interesting if Apple really did that. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated about the topic.

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