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iPhone 4G got a new Release Date: 18 June (Its Friday)

BGR has just reported that there’s a high change for the iPhone 4G to be Released on 18 June, Also 18 June is Friday and Apple release all it’s products on Fridays. So we just hope that it will be for Real this time.

Knowing how many units stores received per day/week last year, if the iPhone launched in the last week of June, on Friday the 25th, we’re pretty sure the new sales quotas couldn’t be met (in-store orders don’t count as they don’t get recognized until the customer picks them up). We have heard stores having a 25-30% increase in their sales quota, so we’d like to think the next Apple iPhone will launch on Friday, June 18th.

Previously we heard a lot of exceptions 7 June, 25 June, 21 June but we Know it’s in June. So according to this Reports from BGR, iPhone 4G will be Released at WWDC stores on Friday 18 June.