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iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S II: Which should you get?

Why iPhone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S II? Simply (as tibp wrote) because if you’re on Medium Yellow and you need a phone this week then the Galaxy S II is hard to beat. If you’re on AT&T, however, you have a tougher decision to make — namely iPhone 4 today, or perhaps iPhone 5 next month vs. the AT&T Galaxy S II.


iPhone 4: iPhone 4 is compact, with a 3.5 Retina Display (960×640 IPS LCD) screen, stainless steel antenna band, and glass on both sides.
Samsung Galaxy S II: the Galaxy S II isn’t the almost obscene behemoth that Sprint has released, but at 4.3 inches and 960×540 pixels of Super AMOLED Plus, it’s by no means small.


iPhone 4: the iPhone 4 uses AT&T’s network with 7.2 mbps HSPA download
Samsung Galaxy S II: The Galaxy II S uses AT&T’s so-called 4G network with 14.4mbps HSPA+ downloads.

Operating System, Apps, and Accessories and more can read about the comparison on tipb but before please watch this 2 minutes video comparison

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