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iPhodroid Froyo Unlocked on iPhone!

Yes, you read it right! the best Android OS, Froyo has been unlocked successfully on iPhone. Sergio McFly, the developer of iPhodroid has announced that Android Froyo has been unlocked on the iPhone and iPhodroid 0.6 Beta R12 is coming soon!

PLEASE, SPREAD THIS!: IPHODROID FROYO Unlocked! All credits to bluerise on the new OpeniBoot. R12 is on the way


Asyou see in the screenshot above, Android Froyo is working on iPhone, So wait for iPhodroid R12 Soon, follow me on Twitter or on Facebook to stay updated.
You still can follow the guide to Install android on iPhone 3G/2G using the latest iPhodroid R11 guide posted here.

Update 1: iPhodroid Froyo R12 will be Released on Monday July 4th.. More Details posted here.

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