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IPA God to Install Cracked Apps on iOS 4.1 / 4.2 Without Jailbreak [Update 1x]

Some hackers are coming with a new app called “IPA God” which allows you to install apps from the App Store for free directly on your iOS devices. According to the developer, it don’t need jailbreak. This apps is based on exploit found on iOS 4.2 / 4.1 that allows you to create particular files on the filesystem. It works the same AppSync works. So who to blame? I think Apple.

Of course the app is not available in the App Store and will not as Apple won’t accept suck an app! But how will you get it? Ok, the developer says that the app will be available for download but you will have to pay him (under $20) to get the UDID registration for the app. Don’t ask for the download now, we will post it whenever it’s available.

The video above shows IPA God working on non-jailbroken iPad (will work on iPod touch and iPhone too), by the time, Apple will catch the exploit and address it in the next software update. This post shows the real difference between jailbreaking and app piracy. Jailbreaking is fully legal as it don’t stole money but app priacy is illegal because it download paid apps for free, That’s the difference! [via 9to5mac]

Upate 1: Few hours ago, IPA confirmed as a fake, iPod 2G the will-known iPhone hacker and the discoverer of SHAtter exploit which will be used in the Greenpois0n jailbreak for iOS 4.1, confirmed that the IPA God is a fake app, so please just ignore such apps as we reported earlier it may damage your idevice or steal your password.

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