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HOW TO: Upgrade to New Cydia on iOS 4.2.1

In case if you still didn’t update your Cydia to the new version on your iOS 4.2.1, and while there is no option to do the update directly from Cydia, I will show you how to do this with a few simple steps. After you will update to the new Cydia you will feel a huge performance boost throughout the whole applications.

New Cydia features:

  • Reduced loading changes time
  • Section remapping optimizations
  • Faster reloading data
  • Faster, native search
  • Uses public SDK classes whenever possible
  • Rewritten, faster web views with zooming support
  • Changes badge works again
  • More stable webviews (no crashes when queueing)
  • Redesigned settings page
  • Redesigned stashing page
  • Faster scrolling of table views
  • Bug fixes
  • Ads no longer break the package views until restart
  • Much better queuing UI
  • Stabler refreshing bar


  • Safari Download Manager (BigBoss repo)
  • iFile (BigBoss repo)

Here’s the step by step guide to update your Cydia to the new version:

STEP 1: Download the new Cydia package from here on your iPhone using Safari Download Manager

STEP 2: Once the file has downloaded, navigate to var/mobile/Media/Downloads in iFile

STEP 3: Tap cydia_1.0.3366-…phoneos-arm.deb, then “Installer” (The .deb should install rather quickly.)

STEP 4: When the install is done, close iFile and respring your iPhone, enjoy new Cydia.

How to know that you have installed the new Cydia? go to app’s home page and look at the Cydia version number right above your iPhone’s UDID.

  • New Cydia version is 1.0.3366-1
  • Old Cydia version is 1.0.3222-73

Note: please be sure that you have backed up before you start doing any changes [via iDB].

Disclaimer: This guide is for testing & educational purposes only. Follow it on your own risk. I’m not responsible for any loss of important data or malfunctioning of your iPhone.

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