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How to Upgrade to iOS 4.2 NOW

So, iOS 4.2 GM was released today for developer and would be released for public in a few days but do you want really to get it now? We have good news, you can get your hands dirty now thanks to the powers of the internet. You do not need your UDID to execute the installation. It seems like you can’t upgrade to iOS 4.2 using iTunes 10 so you may need to install iTunes 10.1 beta to commerce.

STEP 1: Download and install iTunes 10.1

STEP 2: Now, you need to download the right gold master version for your device:

  • iPhone 4, get it from here.
  • iPhone 3GS, download this.
  • iPhone 3G, from here.
  • iPod touch 4G, from here.
  • iPod touch 3G, this one for you.
  • iPod touch 2G, have fun with this one.
  • iPad 3G and Wi-Fi, get this one, (The 2nd GM seed for iPad, from here)

STEP 3: Connect your iPhone into your computer via USB and iTunes hold Alt (Shift in Windows) and click on the ‘restore’ button then point it to one of the gold master files you download above. Wait for between 10 and 15 minutes for the new OS to be moved over.

Finally have fun, you can also jailbreak iOS 4.2 (not unlock) using our step by step guide posted here. Also keep in mind that iOS 4.2 should go public sometime next week, but who wants to wait? of course let us know if you faced any problems by commenting in the section below, we would love to hear from you! [Thanks Brian Sweet for making this possible]

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