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How to: Run iPhone Apps on iPad Without Pixel Doubling [Easiest Way]

Now, you can Run iPhone Apps on iPad with a very Easy Way and without Pixel Doubling. Please note that not every app will format properly using this method; however, for some apps it may work very well. The guide is just 3 easy steps..

Step 1: You should have a Jailbroken iPad Using simple tool ‘Spirit’ for Full Guide from Here
Step 2: Open the Cydia from your iPad home screen, Go to Search tab and search for FullForce, then Install it.
Step 3: Now close the Cydia and go to: Settings App, Then go to FullForce listed under extensions, and use the switches to set compatibility mode for whichever apps you want.

FullForce is a much simpler process than the old methods on the other sites that force app scaling, which involves editing a text file packaged with each app via SSH, and it don’t work as good as this method.