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How to: Install / Test Android 2.2 Froyo on your Computer

Well, I explained how to Install Android on iPhone 2G and 3G using Automatic Method and Manual Method, But what about Trying Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo on your Computer. Gizmodo has explained how to try Google Android 2.2 Froyo on your Computer compatible with any device. Just follow the Step by Step guide below..
What you need?
The Android SDK for Windows / Mac from Here.
A Good Computer to work on (notebooks will strain to emulate a smartphone).

Step 1: First, you should Extract the Android SDK. After Extracting, Click on Tools Folder, Open a file called “Android”. This will start the SDK manager app.
Step 2: Now in the Manager App, Click on Available Packages button in the left column. It will present you with single option for download
Step 3: From the download list, select and download the following four items

Step 4: After Download is completed, Go back to the “Virtual Devices” section in the left column of the SDK manager. On the right side of the window, click New.
Step 5: From this window, you can define the parameters of your imaginary, emulated Android phone. Now you will need to decide some settings. You can get by with a small virtual SD card, so you can write few hundred megabytes. For the screen resolution, don’t necessarily choose the highest setting (WVGA854) — it’s 854 pixels tall, which may be taller than your computer’s screen, if you have a MacBook or other smaller widescreen notebook.

Step 6: Now after customizing your settings, click on “Create AVD”, Let it for few minutes till it finish (Don’t worry if the App is unresponsive for a bit longer)
Step 7: Now after Finishing, You will have a simulated Android phone in the Virtual Devices Section. Select your phone, and click Start. (Just let the App do it, and Don’t Worry)
Hola!! You’re in Android Froyo!

What about the Apps?
Sure you will ask about getting some Apps, I can say it’s missing a lot of settings, including close-source apps like Google Maps. You won’t be able to test out Flast. But You can install all manner of other apps. and Here’s how to do that:
Step 1: Download Eclipse Tool from Here.
Step 2: Install the Android Development Toolkit in Eclipse from Here.
Step 3: Point the ADK to the directory where you’re keeping your Android SDK files.
Step 4: At last You can Import and Run Android Apps But you will have to search the internet for the App you want to try. The file format should be .apk [via Gizmodo]

Now, If you get any errors, or any problems with this guide just ask what you want and I will answer you.