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How to: Install Android on iPhone 3G and 2G Using iPhodroid [Automatic Method]

Planetbeing has already Released Android for iPhone 3G and 2G but the guide was for professionals and it was pretty lengthy and complicated and not accessible to everyone. So iPhodroid came with an Easy way [Automatic Method] that will Install Android on iPhone 3G and 2G, Just follow the step by step guide below.

What you need?
First, You should be running on Mac.
Important: Your iPhone Must be on Firmware 3.1.2
Install OpenSSH on your iPhone and password should be default “alpine”
At Last, Jailbroken iPhone using Blackra1n, NOT Spirit.

Step 1: You should disable the auto-lock on your iPhone. To do this, Do the Following:

Settings>General>Auto-lock and set it to ‘Never’.

Step 2: Download Macfuse and install it
Step 3: Download iPhodroid and extract it.
Step 4: Run iPhodroid and hit run – the process should take around 5 minutes

Have fun with android on iPhone with dual boot.
If you want to make it default on yourself then you can use the manual Method from Here.

Update 1: iPhodroid has been Updated to version 0.6 beta  with new features as Install/Uninstall and more .. More details from Here.