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How to: Fix MMS on iOS 4 for T-Mobile Users

Some people after jailbreaking and unlocking their iPhone 4 got some issues with T-Mobile USA MMS to work, So PushFix added a new app in it’s Cydia repo, this app fixes MMS for T-Mobile users in USA on iOS 4. Follow the step by step guide below..
Note: You need to have a jailbroken iPhone, follow our guides posted here to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 4 so it work on any carrier.

Step 1: First, Open Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add -> and write in http://cydia.pushfix.info as shown below,

Step 2: Go back to sources, then open PushFix.info source and scroll down till you find “T-Mobile US MMS Fix for iOS4” and install it

Step 3: Once the installation is done, navigate to Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network. You may need to fill-in the “APN” for MMS. If its blank add wap.voicestream.com

That should work and fix MMS for T-Mobile USA users, Stay Tuned for more guides!

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