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How to: Fix MMS / FaceTime Bugs on iPhone 4 After using JailbreakME 2.0

JailbreakME 2.0 userland jailbreak which was released today by comex, made some bugs and errors for iPhone 4. The popular bugs are breaking MMS and FaceTime not appear in Settings app, But we may fix it by that way.

It’s all about restoring iPhone 4 from Backup then jailbreaking using JailbreakME 2.0

  • Backup your iPhone 4 by Connecting it to iTunes, Right click on the iPhone icon on left column, then click on “Backup your iPhone”
  • Now use JailbreakME 2.0 to jailbreak again your iPhone 4, guide posted here.
  • Restore from Backup by Clicking on the iPhone icon then hold left shift and click on “Restore”, then navigate it to iOS 4.0.1 Original Firmware

Update 1: Now Fixed for new jailbreakers. About the old users, Planetbeing says “You should now be able to fix FaceTime and MMS by updating Cydia and resetting your network settings. If not, restore and rejailbreak.”