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How to: Change iTunes 10 Icon with iTunes 9 Icon

Once the release of the iTunes 10 in the last Apple Special Event, a lot of people complaint about the new iTunes 10 blue icon, so today I will show you how to change iTunes 10 icon to the old iTunes 9 icon or any other icon.

Step 1: Go to your “Applications” folder then select iTunes.
Step 2: Right click on “iTunes” then select “Show Package Contents”.
Step 3: Go under the “Resources” folder and make a copy of “iTunes.icns” on your desktop (for backup purposes).
Step 4: Replace it with the old iTunes icon, download from here.
Step 5:Restart iTunes, Done.

Now you have replaced your iTunes 10 icon with the old one, I will collect to you some beautiful icons for iTunes 10 very soon, this guide is for Mac users. [via osxdaily]

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