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How to: Activate/Install iPhone OS 4 Beta without UDID registration

If you want to try the iPhone 4.0 beta, you need to have a developer’s account on Apple, and if you want install and try out the latest beta OS from Apple for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad you need to have a developer’s account on Apple. But is it Possible to Activate and Install iPhone OS 4.0 Beta without having a developer’s account?
Yes, it’s possible! iH8sn0w has shown a way how you can activate and install iPhone OS 4.0 beta firmware without UDID registration on your device. Simply follow the step by step guide…

Note: We’re not responsible for any damage to your iPhone, iPod Touch by trying the above tutorial. Please try it on your own risk!

Step 1: Download a copy of the iPhone OS 4.0 Beta by searching on Google
Step 2: Install this Version with iTunes on your device (Press alt while clicking on the restorebutton in iTunes and choose the iPhone 4.0 .ipsw file manually)
Step 3: Download the redsn0w 0.9.5 BETA2 from here: redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta2
Step 4: Run redsn0w and follow the on screen instructions.
Step 5: Wait till the device reboots and wants to activate with iTunes
Step 6: Download iPhone Explorer from here: iPhone Explorer
Step 7: Open iPhone Explorer and navigate to System/Library/CoreServices


Step 8: Copy SystemVersion.plist to your desktop by dragging it out of the window
Step 9: Open the file with Textedit and delete the following lines

It will be Like this,

Step 10: Save the file and drag it back into iPhone Explorer, choose „overwrite“
Step 11: Wait a few seconds and restart your iPhone.

That`s it, worked fine for me. You can restore your iPhone with your saved 3.x backups. To backup from 4.0 with iTunes you need to install the latest iPhone OS 4.0 SDK (google).

Here’s a video in which iH8sn0w shows this in action:

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