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Google Launches Google TV Website with Details; Apple May Lose

Google today has launched an extensive site for their Google TV. With the launch of the site, so developers are getting ready to announce their apps for Google TV. There still no price or date known but the site is giving a good look at some features especially when considered against the new Apple TV (will Apple lose the war?).

So far, we’ve seen announcements from Twitter, Pandora, CNBC, Vevo and Netflix. Watch the embedded video and look at the applications, you will be able to expand your TV in any way you want using these applications (This is the real difference between Google & Apple’s TV) but Apple can also do this, they just need to enable it and they better do it soon before the cameras go away.

Google will also allows users with iOS & Android devices to serve as a remote for their Google TV including voice search & the ability to link multiple phones with a single Google TV. Also as noticed by CrunchGear, you will be able to make video calls from your Google TV, yes the same as FaceTime but on a big screen. It will even have an AirPlay feature called flinging, which will differentiate itself by flinging whole websites and not just the certain type of video content playable by Apple’s TV.

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