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First Look At iPod Nano From The Apple Event

After pointing out and showed the evolution of different iPod nano Steve Jobs asked the audience how they were going to make it better . The answer was to remove the clickwheel and aesthetically the new nano looks like a square with a multi-touch interface , 46 % smaller, 42% thinner Clips, hook , buttons for volume, Voice Over Radio and 24 hours of autonomy.

Available in 29 languages well you can listen to music , podcasts , use Nike + (it has the integrated pedometer ) , listening to radio , watch the time like a clock ( fought for the recent rumors ) .

The demo session highlighted the functionality of the product, although it seems too small for multi-touch interface . The usability of the device is extreme. The latest gem is that Steve Jobs has shown is the ability to rotate the interface to use the device in any direction.

It will cost $ 149 for the 8GB version and $ 179 for the 16GB version , available in the same Shuffle colors.

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