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Finally Android for iPhone 3G is Available for Download

Planetbeing has ported Android for iPhone 3G, it’s finally available for download. The power management functions of Android for iPhone 3G are yet to be implemented so your phone will only last for an hour or so of Android use before the battery runs out. Yes, it is good only for showing off to your friends that you have Android running on iPhone 3G Bla!!…

Similar to the Android port for iPhone 2G, you will have both iPhone OS and Android on your device in dual boot setup. Installation instructions are mostly similar to the iPhone 2G one. You will need a jailbroken iPhone to get this to work.

If you want to go in the adventure and try it, Simply follow the guide posted here or the more detailed ones posted by the dev/hacker himself at the PCWorld site here to get it up and running on your iPhone 3G. [via Redmondpie]

Update 1: Now you can Install Android on iPhone 2G and 3G using iPhodroid by Automatic Method, More details from Here.

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