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Facebook Brings More Features to iPhone & Mobile Users

Almost over 200 million people use Facebook with a mobile device. Whether it’s an iOS device or even a simple mobile device, Facebook is used so much to share photos, access apps, and connect and interact with friends. In October, Facebook has added a dashboard to the regular desktop website to see how applications are using your information.

Now, Facebook as released this same feature to the mobile devices. It will allow you to edit this information and stay updated off a mobile device now!

In the picture below, you can see the application Loopy. As you can see, this Loopy application is connected with Facebook, under it are options that you can toggle with a click and easy click of the remove button. This will allow you to control you settings on the go instead of off a computer. This is very useful for people that need to adjust their settings quickly.

You can also edit your basic information and who can see your profile. This is very important for anyone who wants to change anything at all. These features will be made possible by Facebook themselves! The features should roll out in the next few weeks to all mobile devices and we may see a new Facebook for iPhone app update soon. [via Facebook]

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