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Download iTunes 10 for Windows and Mac

Apple has just released its new version of iTunes for all iDevices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as usual it works on both PC (Windows) and Mac (OS X). Just to be clear, for users who already jailbroken and unlocked their device, just wait and don’t install iTunes 10 till we confirm it don’t detect jailbroken devices. Here’s some features announced in Apple’s press conference.

  • Social music discovery (Ping)
  • Follow and be followed
  • Circle of friends
  • Post your thoughts & opinions
  • Custom song & album charts
  • Over 17,000 concert listings
  • 160 million iTunes users in 23 countries

Download iTunes 10 for Windows and Mac

Update 1: MuscleNerd has just confirmed it’s safe to upgrade to iTunes 10 for Jailbreakors and Unlockers,

iTunes 10 is safe for JBers+unlockers: DFU mode, syncing, selecting IPSW, all okay (Stay away from 4.1 next week though!)

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