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Apples next iPhone will have video chat [Confirmed]

Engadget is reporting that a trusted source has confirmed to them that the iPhone 4G will have video chat, feature to be shown in ads and will feature at least one spot where a mother and daughter are having a video chat conversation using the new front-facing camera that’s been spied on the face of that iPhone floating around Vietnam and Northern California.

Screenshots show up that there’s at least one actress who says “f***ing apple commercial” in New York, and another fellow who is auditioning for spots in California. [via Engaget]

So, I confident that this confirms video chat is coming to the next iPhone. Don’t Forget that Apple will Unveil their Next iPhone on June 7. It’s Very Near!! If you want to Know more about the iPhone 4G you can See More Details here.

Update 1: A video has been added Introducing the iPhone 4 TV Ads Are On Their Way

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