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Apple to Hold iPod Touch 4G / iTV Event on September 1st

Today, we already posted that Apple is holding a new event on September 7th according to Bloomberg, but Watch out! According to Engadget Apple is holding a “Special Event” on September 1st. This Apple event may be iPod Touch 4G, Apple iTV or may be both, Who knows?

C’mon, you saw this one coming, right? Just like they always do come fall time, Apple will be holding a “special event” on September 1st out in San Francisco, and we’ll be on the ground reporting live. Think we’ll see that new Apple TV we’ve been hearing about? Some iPods? One more things? Yes, probably. Tune in here at 10AM PT / 1PM ET on the 1st to catch the best liveblog in the business! 

This event is probably at 10:00 AM PT as mentioned above in the quotes, This special event is a musical event  not iOS 4.1 or MobileMe it’s iPod Touch 4G / iTV, So stay tuned here and we will keep updated for this big and special event.
Update 1: You can check the full summary of the Apple Special Event here.

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