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Accessory Transceiver to Make Calls with iPod touch and iPad?

A new and interesting Apple patent appeared between 27 Apple patent applications published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. According to the patent, Apple is working on an external transceiver that would turn an iPod touch, iPad or any mobile device into a real cellular phone. The patent, called “Accessory Transceiver for Mobile Devices,” was noticed by PatentlyApple today.

This invention will allows you to make calls from a PSP, or browse the Web from a phone without data services. In addition to giving calling services to an iPod touch, the patent also details how the transceiver could be used to connect an iPhone to a different cellular network, specifically referencing a CDMA network like the one used by Verizon in the US. So this accessory will allow any iPhone to access Version’s network wheter or not Apple comes out with the CDMA version of the iPhone.

The accessory transceiver could be used to access other wireless data systems, such as satellite networks, WiFi, WiMAX, etc., The drawings in the patent show the iPod touch as the controlling device for the transceiver. Would this be true? [via PatentlyApple]

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