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JailbreakMe 3.0 iPad 2 Jailbreak 4.3.3 – All Bugs Fixed

With no doubt, we're going to see JailbreakMe 3.0 very very soon. Comex, the iPhone hacker behind JailbreakMe and Spirit, has today tweeted that he's running out of bugs to fix. It means that he has almost fixed all bugs in the new exploit. (more…)...read more

Apple To Offer Free iPhone 3GS (With Contract) This Year (REPORT)

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 this fall and bring a lot of new features that we don't even know yet. AppleInsider today has posted a report which claims that Apple is prepared to offer the iPhone 3GS, first released in 2009, as a free subsidized phone with a two-year service contract. (more…)...read more

This Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Run Multiple Apps Side By Side on iPad

Aaron Ash, a well-famous iPhone developer, has today managed to run two iPhone apps side by side on the iPad. The developer of the tweak didn't mention it's name and didn't give an ETA on his blog post but he said it's going to be public soon. (more…)...read more

GMail Got A New Interface And You Can Try It Now !

Google is doing great efforts to satisfy its users and here's something it's doing right now. Google is officially pushing new GMail interface. Thanks to Google's users' feedback, they could launch a new interface with two new themes to try out as a sort of sneak peek at what we’re up to. (more…)...read more

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Plans Something Awesome Next Week

Have you been invited to Google+? Well, I've already been invited and I think it's awesome but Facebook gonna do something about this. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has today announced that Facebook is about to launch something awesome next week, Reuter reports. (more…)...read more