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iOS 5: Text-to-Speech and Vise Versa !

According to a new Apple patent application next iPhones are likely to provide users with active communicating in both noisy environments like a restaurant or even during a quiet office meeting without stirring a mouse. (more…)...read more

Rich text: Format, Bold, Italic, and More with emails

New tweak: Rich Text in Cydia. Surprise, it allows you to Compose and Reply to emails using custom favorite fonts, favorite colors and favorite styles. The important is adding Format, Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline and Image items to Action Menu. (more…)...read more

i0n1c: The Next iPad 2 Jailbreak Could Be Charged

"After several years of research, anyone would understand that it would be pointless to grant bug free".With these words, blunt and probably sincere, i0n1c, developer of the exploit used in the latest versions of Redsn0w, PwnageTool and Sn0wbreeze to run the jailbreak on iOS 4.3.1 and higher, suggesting that its next tools may only be distributed paid or otherwise subject to the same donation to the developer. (more…)...read more