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Open Microsoft Office File in iPad [How to Guide]

Now you can use the built-in Mail application on your iPad in order to open Microsoft Office files in your iPad. Office applications includes Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word. By this Mail application you are able to send and receive email from any Post Office Protocol (POP3) enabled email account. Let's see how to open Microsoft Office on your iPad by following the below simple steps. (more…)...read more

Apple Working on 64 GB iPhone

M.I.C. Gadget has puplished iPhone 4 prototypes on the chinese "grey market", this prototype shows a 64 GB storage capacity. Actually these images can be easly faked, but the "XX" on the back of the device may represent that the unit is a potential Apple prototype. (more…)...read more

Delete Apps From Home Screen with CyDelete [Cydia Tweak]

CyDelete is a free and amazing Cydia tweak. It allows you to delete  your apps straight from your iPhone / iPad home screen! CyDelete will save your time, as you won't be required to relaunch Cydia then go into Manage -> Packages, find it from the list, hit remove and wait. (more…)...read more