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Twitter Suspends Steve Jobs Parody Account @ceoSteveJobs

Twitter has suspended the Steve jobs parody account on Twitter @ceoSteveJobs, this account has more than 460,000 followers and over 650 tweets. Last month Apple sent a complaint to Twitter in which Apple noted that the account didn't clearly state in the account name that it was parody, so it might caused a mistakenly lead. (more…)...read more

Apple Store is Offline !

Just Checked, Apple Store is down right now, we are very close from the long awaited event, we are about to see iPad 2. (more…)...read more

iPad 2 Hands-On [Video]

The guys over Engaget was able to get hands over the new thin iPad 2, they have noticed some speedier behavior when jumping around, the core OS remains unchanged. Now, feast your eyes on the galleries below. (more…)...read more

iPad 2 Leaked Photos

As you know that App Store goes down few hours ago preparing for the iPad 2 arrival at the Yerba Bluena Center in San Francisco. But in case if you can't wait these few hours, here's some leaked screenshots expecting how it will look like. (more…)...read more

Official iPad 2 Video

We have just got the official iPad 2 Video, iPad 2 just appeared few moments ago on the official Apple website. (more…)...read more

iPad 1 on Sale Officially

Few hours ago, Apple has announced the new smart iPad 2, but if you found its prices still not appropriate for you, now you can buy the iPad 1 with low prices, as Apple has just announced a great sale for them, check out the prices after the jump (more…)...read more

Apple Announces iPad 2 Heres Full Specs

Finally Apple annouced iPad 2, here's its technical specs directly form the Apple Media Event. (more…)...read more

iPad 2 Pre-orders Hitting eBay

Many of readers are asking now about iPad 2 pre-orders, for who live outside the US or don't want wait in line and need to have the smart iPad 2 as soon as possible, iPad 2 on Ebay is now flooded with people who appear ready to sell by March 11th. (more…)...read more

iPad 2 VS Old iPad

If you intend to buy a new iPad, you will need to see a comparison between old iPad and the newly iPad 2. Although the screen resolution didn't improved and we didn't get the ultra-speedy Thunderbolt connector on board, but we got more new amazing features, lets check out Engaget table which shows the difference between old iPad and iPad 2. (more…)...read more

Apple: iOS 4.3 to Release by March 11, Bringing New AirPlay Features and Faster Safari Browsing

In the Apple Media event, it has been confirmed that iOS 4.3 will be available for public by March 11. It'll bring the Nitro Javascript engine from Safari on OS X, iTunes Home Sharing which'll let you play content over Wi-Fi, and new AirPlay features (App Store apps can use Airplay now). (more…)...read more