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Live Coverage of Verizon iPhone Event Keynote !

After so many rumors and exceptions on the web, now we know that Verizon iPhone is coming today. Verizon Wireless has invited so many bloggers to the special event today where it's going to announce the long-waited Verizon iPhone. The event will be held in New York on January 11th, 2011 at 11:00 AM EST. (more…)...read more

Use your iOS Device While Its Syncing with FreeSync !

Ever get annoyed of those long sync times when you plug your iOS device to iTunes as it backs up or when you're syncing a lot of media? Don't you want to use your device while it's syncing? If you do, this the tweak just for you! FreeSync is a tweak in Cydia released today that allows you to use your iOS device during Sync times. (more…)...read more

Official PlayStation App for iPhone Available for Download !

The official PlayStation app for iPhone has just been released for iOS devices. The app doesn't let you play games but it allows the PlayStation faithful to log in with their PSN ID and connect to their Trophy haul, friends list and gaming news via the PlayStation Blog. (more…)...read more

Jailbreak Verizon iPhone 4 Possible with SHAtter or Limera1n?

Interesting question to ask! Will the newly released Verizon iPhone 4 be jailbreakable? Well well well, Apple should fix death grip issues in the new Verizon iPhone 4 and to do this, it should port redesigned antenna system so that it works on CDMA network. (more…)...read more

iOS 4.3 to Arrive by January 19th ?

As noted by MacRumors that Forbes has confirmed with a trusted source that the publication of "The Daily" will be formally announced on January 19th. The Daily will be a new journal specifically for iPad only with Apple support. (more…)...read more

iOS 4.2.5 on Verizon iPhone 4 Hands On (Video)

Couple of hours ago, Verizon iPhone 4 appeared in the New York City event and we'll get it in our hands starting early February 2011 but some high profile bloggers on Engadget got Verizon iPhone 4 before it's being in others hands. (more…)...read more

iPhone 4 Finally Ported to Verizon

iPhone 4 has finally comes to Verizon in the New York City event, Verzion President & COO Lowell McAdam have announced that they will be able to catch iPhone 4 starting early Feb 2011. (more…)...read more