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Facebook integration into iOS 5

Why Twitter is playing a notable role in the upcoming iOS 5, and Facebook isn't?The answer comes from Betanews reporter Joe Wilcox who offered up several plausible reasons. You can read more by clicking the link above. (more…)...read more

Apples Next Event Between San Francisco OR Campus In Cupertino, California?

Millions of people of all ages are waiting the event. News and rumors about Apple's next generation becomes as a hobby which is both interesting and fun. And every day and minute, there are more and more news and rumors. "Sources close to Apple's say .....", as many sites said. If you are an Apple's lover, you have to live with its news and rumors, even the you don't like. (more…)...read more

Awesome Tip: Use Emoji In Your iOS 5 Folder Names

All you have to do is to go to Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboard > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. Then tell us what did you find by comment. (more…)...read more

Padzilla Interactive Case For iPad and iPhone In Any Size: 70 Up to 150

The Screen Size of your iPhone or iPad is too Small? If yes, here is a one of the greatest iPad/iPhone accessories ever created to solve this problem: A massive screen (multitouch capable) called Padzilla. (more…)...read more

iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S II: Which should you get?

Why iPhone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S II? Simply (as tibp wrote) because if you’re on Medium Yellow and you need a phone this week then the Galaxy S II is hard to beat. If you’re on AT&T, however, you have a tougher decision to make — namely iPhone 4 today, or perhaps iPhone 5 next month vs. the AT&T Galaxy S II. (more…)...read more

AllThingsD: Apples Fall Media Event Held On October 4th

AllthingsD has came with an exclusive report saying that the Apple is holding its usual fall media event on October 4th. As Steve Jobs resigned as Apple's CEO, Tim Cook should get on the stage and announce the Apple's next-generation iPhone. (more…)...read more

Google+ Goes Public With Over 100 Total Improvements Added

Great news, really great, folks! Google has finally opened the sign ups of Google+ for anyone. You can now join Google+ social network without need to any invites or anything. Google has also added 91 changes during the social network’s beta trial, which lasted just under 90 days, and that it is deploying nine new changes on Tuesday. (more…)...read more

Skype On iPhone Has A Big Hole Allowing Hackers To Steal Your Information

Here's an important advice for you and your friends: Remove Skype from your iPhone now! There's a big hole / vulnerability which allows hackers to steal your information of all your address book content. (more…)...read more

Facebook To Introduce New Profile Design Tomorrow

Tomorrow is one of the most important days for Facebook this year.. it's the f8 developers event which is scheduled for September 22. According to two reliable source who told Mashable that Facebook is probably going to launch a major profile redesign and “will make Facebook profiles nexuses for consuming content.” (more…)...read more

Gesturizer Allows You To Use Gestures To Launch App On Your iPhone (Jailbreak Req.)

Here's another great reason why iOS users jailbreak their devices. In case you do love using multi-touch gestures to do things on the iPhone, then this tweak is absolutely for you. Gesturizer brings a new way to launch apps on your iPhone. (more…)...read more