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27-Inch LED Ciema Display is Now Available on Apple Store

The new Apple's 27" LED Cinema Display, Introduced in late July, is finally available on Apple Store for purchase. The newly LED Cinema Display monitor produced by Cupertino, it has a 16:9 aspect ratio screen  full in glass, It sets on an aluminum base with an adjustable hinge which allows you to tilt the screen vertically with ease. (more…)...read more

Steve Jobs: White iPhone 4 will be Available for Christmas [Update 1x]

Two months ago, Apple announced that they delayed the White iPhone 4 launch till the end of 2010, this was due to color issues, antenna issues and more. We are just three months away from the end of 2010, so Christmas would be the best time for White iPhone 4 launch? (more…)...read more

Apple is Developing a Digital Newsstand for Publishers?

According to a Bloomberg report indicating that Apple is developing a digital newsstand for publishers to let them sell magazine and newspaper for consumers. The newsstand, would be similar to iBooks store for electronic books, designed for iPad. The newsstand could be launched as soon as few months from now, Apple will wait until the launch of next generation iPad by the first quarter of 2011. (more…)...read more

New Apple TV is based on iOS and can be Jailbroken

Remember the iProd 2,1 reference that was found while testing iOS on iPad? We told you that it may be a next generation iPad with FaceTime or a new CDMA, but a new report brings new possibilities of this string. According to TUAW, it was a new iOS Based Apple TV. The key below was found while exploring iOS 4.2 beta that was released two days ago. (more…)...read more

Apple Launching iPad 2 in Q1 2011

Last week we reported you about the iPad 2nd generation, which rumored to hit Apple Store by the first quarter of 2011, this rumor has pretty much been confirmed today, as Digitimes reports that suppliers are preparing for the second generation of iPad. (more…)...read more