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Jailbreak PlayStation 3 / PS3 with iPhnoe 3G/ 2G and iPod Touch 1G using PSFreedom

Yesterday we reported you about jailbreak PlayStation 3 (PS3) using TI-84 Plus calculator, but the big news today is for iPhone 3G/2G and iPod Touch 1G devices, PSFreedom the tool for jailbreaking PS3 has been ported on their devices. (more…)...read more

Speed Test: iPhone 4 VS iPod touch 4G AGAIN [Video]

Two days ago, we showed you a speed test between iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G but it was focused on browsing speed. This time, we could get our hands on a more detailed speed test in a video between iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G again. You can check the speed of running various applications and games. (more…)...read more

Twitter Surpasses 145 Million Registered Users and 300,000 New Users Per Day

Four months ago, Twitter has stated that it reached 105 million registered users, Today Twitter has been exceeded 145 million active user according to Twitter CEO Evan Williams, this reflect that Twitter has surpasses 300,000 new users per day. (more…)...read more

Enable HDR Photos on iPhone 3GS, 3G [How to Guide]

As we promised before, the iPhone hacker Will Strafach has successfully developed his new tweak to enable HDR photos on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G which is avaialble for iPhone 4 only! but remember it needs a jailbroken iPhone 3GS / 3G on iOS 4.1 which is not jailbroken for public right now, but it will be available as soon as it's ready. Stay tuned!! (more…)...read more

Game Center Coming to iPhone 3G Through Jailbreak [CONFIRMED]

Yeah, you read it right! Game Center will be available for iPhone 3G (not compatible) as soon as iOS 4.1 jailbreak is released. That was confirmed by MuscleNerd, the well-know iPhone hacker behind the iPhone dev team. He answered someone asking him and the other hackers if Game Center will be available through jailbreak, and guess what? (more…)...read more

Game Center is Limited at 500 Friends per Account?

These days, iPhone users are busy playing games and accepting friends on Game Center. But it seems to be crapped at 500 friends per account, I noticed that in my account when I reached 501 friends, it didn't receive friend requests anymore. You have to delete a friend to receive a friend request. That was also noticed by MuscleNerd, the well-known iPhone hacker. (more…)...read more

GreenPois0n to Jailbreak iPhone 4, iOS 4.1?

Now, here’s an interesting piece of news coming from pod2g. Remember GreenPois0n jailbreak tool for iPad which was never released from p0sixninja, GreenPois0n will be back again to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and iPad. Pod2g has hinted that he used the tool build by p0sixninja by running it on iPhone 4 and it works well. (more…)...read more