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Download iOS 4.1 GM for iPhone and iPod Touch [Direct Links]

iOS 4.1 GM was released a few hours ago for developers and we got our first impressions on iOS 4.1 and what is it bringing to the iPhone and iPod Touch? As we promised you that we will post download links for iOS 4.1 GM so you can upgrade without waiting for the public release next week. (more…)...read more

Apple Releases iOS 4.1 GM

Hola! Now iOS 4.1 GM is live on the Apple's developer website which was down for some time after the end of Apple's musical event. If you have a developer account, you will be able to download it now and try it on your iPhone. iOS 4.1 will be released for public by the next week. (more…)...read more

iOS 4.1 GM, the Full Coverage [Updating]

At the moment we are doing huge test operations of iOS 4.1 GM on iPhone 4 which was released an hour ago. In this article I will show you all you need to know about iOS 4.1, what's new, bug fixes and improvements. Here's my first impressions on the new firmware update iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch. (more…)...read more

iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch coming Next Week

Finally, Steve jobs has just announced the new software update in his live event right now!  guess what? It really fixes all bugs, including Proximity sensor, Bluetooth bugs, iPhone 3G bugs. Not only that! some new things added as HDR photos (High dynamic range photos), HD video upload over WiFi, TV show rentals as before, and Game Center is making its debut. (more…)...read more

Apple Releases iPod Touch and Nano Ads [Video]

Today's morning, Steve Jobs introduced 4th-generation iPod touch with the same iPhone 4 features, 6th-generation iPod nano with multi-touch screen, and buttons back to 2nd-generation iPod shuffle. Three of them are available for preorders and you will be shipped by a week from today. (more…)...read more

Apple Introduces The New Generation Of iPod Touch. Retinal Display, FaceTime, A4 Processor And More

After introducing the new iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano with the new touch screen, Steve has continued, as the slogan with "The iPhone does not call, or the iPod Touch. We see all the news of the new generation. (more…)...read more

Apple Demos iOS 4.2 for iPad with Multitasking, Game Center, HDR photos

Steve Jobs is talking about iOS 4.2 in his press conference, which will be everything iOS 4.1 is bringing and bring iOS 4 (hello multitasking!!) to the iPad. Also, the most important feature is AirPlay, which is Apple's redub for AirTunes, with the important addition of being able to stream music and video from your computer to your i-device over WiFi. (more…)...read more

Apple Introduces iTunes 10, Features Ping

Steve Jobs has just introduced the new major update of iTunes, the tenth major version with New logo, looking good. New hybrid view, 5 or more songs from the same list view and you’ll get album artwork. The most exciting feature is Ping, it's a social network all about music. It’s like Twitter and Facebook meet iTunes. (more…)...read more

iPod Shuffle, Nano, and Touch Available For Preorder Now

It was just a couple of hours ago when Apple store was offline, as Steve Jobs announced iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch. They are all available for preorders now, and ships in one week. Three of them has got great features and specifications. Now, iPod became an iPhone without calls! Is that a trick? (more…)...read more

Apple announces new Apples TV?

Apple has just pulled a new Apple TV which has no storage, no purchases. It's now a streaming-focused device with an in a small matte black enclosure we're calling "the hockey puck." New Apple TV rents new HD movies for $4.99, TV episode rentals for 99 cents. ABC and Fox to start. Includes Netflix streaming as well. (more…)...read more