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Manage All Files On Your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Using iFiles 1.7

iFiles is a beautiful application, which works similarly to Air Sharing. With a Wi-Fi, you can access your device with a browser and download any file within the application itself and then open it, edit it, delete it. iFiles is a file manager, document viewer, text editor, voice recorder, wifi drive, and more. Yesterday it is available in version 1.7 (more…)...read more

Get Your iPad Now, Shipping In 24 Hours

Apple has improved its shipping time for all new iPad orders, as reported by Slice Mac, Apple has just updated shipping time on all new iPad orders which will be issued within 24 hours. (more…)...read more

Exclusive: Download Any File Directly From Safari On iPhone [iOS 4 Tip]

A new iOS 4 tip just discovered accidentally by Razorianfly, the iOS 4 offers you the opportunity to download files directly from Safari, then view the downloaded files on your iPhone using the appropriate supported application. (more…)...read more

Chinese Operators Offering iPhone 4 and iPad Including Jailbreak To Increase Sales

According to some reports, the China Unicom carrier begun to advertise the sale of both iPhone 4 and iPad with Jailbreak included. Thanks to JailbreakMe the online service offered by Comex, the Jailbreak has never been so easy and fast, so that the phone carrier has turned into a marketing scheme. (more…)...read more

How to Suck at Facebook? [Funny Gallery]

This gallery really shows you How to suck at Facebook? Guys over TheOatmeal don't like what people do on Facebook as inviting for playing FarmVille popular game by saying "I just upgrade my pigs to level 13", inviting you to become a fan for their website page, Tagging you in any picture without a purpose, they just want you to check this photo. And more things like this, check the gallery below and tell me how do you like it? (more…)...read more

Facebook Says, There are Only 44 Million Active Monthly iOS Users, not 104 Million

It was just a week ago when Facebook posted that there's over 150 million active monthly users on mobile platforms, 104 million of them were browsing Facebook on the service’s popular iPhone app. This was a rather false figure, Engadget got in touch with Facebook and has updated its figures saying that there are only 44 million active monthly iOS users not 104 million. Here's what they say, (more…)...read more

Use Your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad While Syncing with iTunes using Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a new tweak in Cydia allows you to use your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad while syncing with iTunes instead of being stuck on the at the lock screen while you transfer new content. You can run apps, make calls, play games, and anything you want to do except running the Music app which is disabled during syncs to prevent data corruption. (more…)...read more

Can Twitter Really make a Twitter Edit Button?

There were a lot of tweets floating around by people (including me) about #TwitterEditButton which was started by Arron Hirst, people think that Twitter should introduce a new option to edit tweets they have already published. No one can deny the importance of "Twitter Edit Button", But can Twitter really make it? (more…)...read more

Auto3G, Extends your iPhones Battery Life by Automatically Turning Off 3G [Update x1]

Auto3G is a simple tweak in Cydia that increases your iPhone's battery life by turning off 3G raido (leaving 2G radio on) when you don't need it automatically. In brief, it turns off your 3G radio when your iPhone in standby, turns on when you unlock it. (more…)...read more

Live Coverage of Apples September 1st Special Media Event

Preparations of well under way for Apple's September 1st media event, one of the most anticipated events of the year for the tech community. We may consider the launching of iPod Touch 4G, iWatch, iTV, iLife major update, iOS 4.1 software update, iTunes cloud and wireless synchronization, TV Show rentals, and more! This post is showing where can you keep updated with the event live on the web. (more…)...read more