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How to: Speed Up iPhone 3G on iOS 4 with 5 Fixes

I know that most of iPhone 3G users complain about the performance of the device after upgrading to iOS 4, Some users disabled Multitasking but still very slow, so here's a round up of fixes for slowness of iPhone 3G on iOS 4, check them below.. (more…)...read more

Mac OS X 10.7 to have New Revolutionary Feature Focused in WWDC 2011

Apple has posted a new job opportunity, it need skilled senior software engineer who will introduce a new Revolutionary Feature in Mac OS X 10.7. Apple says that this new feature is something that has never been done before and it will surprise both of us. Check the job description below.. (more…)...read more

Twitter is Adding Suggestions for You and Recommendations Features

Just heads up, Twitter has published a new blog post saying it begins to roll out a new feature "Suggestions for You", This new feature suggests people you don’t currently follow that you may find interesting or known as "Recommended Users". You will be able to see "Suggestions for You" field under "Find People", it's not appearing for normal users now, Only for Developers! (more…)...read more

Geohot Apologizing

Geohot the has just sent a tweet from few seconds, he apologized about his behavior and suddenly disappearance, as we know George Hotz is a big name in the jailbreak world he is the creator of the blakra1n and blacksn0w tools. See what he said after the break. (more…)...read more

Zen Bound 2 Universal: an original puzzle

Price: $2.99 Download link: iTunes Puzzles have always been popular and thrilling way of pastime. Though, unfortunately, they all resemble each other at any rate, they duplicate classic ideas and their implementation is almost always identical. But Secret Exit Ltd offers perfectly nonstandard approach to well-liked puzzles with its updated Zen Bound 2 Universal. (more…)...read more

Apple iPad has bugs

Turns out, Apple iPad yet has bugs. It emerged that it can’t bear the heat, but, you know, there is trying heat in half the earth now. iPad stops working at temperature higher than 95 degrees F (35 degrees Celsius), it simply switches off. This mass phenomenon resulted in the same mass action lawsuits. (more…)...read more