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iOS 4.0.1 Delayed Due to Jailbreak?

MaxdMerc, who is a guy working at the Apple Store, Lakeside (UK) has just posted on his twitter account that the next firmware Update (iOS 4.0.1) might be delayed as Apple is fixing patch holes used to Jailbreak iOS 4. (more…)...read more

Gmail Brings Rich Text Signatures

Google has announced on it's Gmail Blog that Gmail brings a new and awesome features, this features is Full Text Editor while editing your Signature in Gmail web-based mail. Now you can Images, Links, Format your text when you edit your Signature.. (more…)...read more

iPod Touch 4G have a 3.2MP camera not 5?

We already reported you yesterday that the iPod touch 4G will have 5 mega-pixel camera but today 9to5mac reported that the iPod's camera will have just have 3.2 mega-pixel and that because the 5 mega-pixel camera may will not fit through the body so the excepted thing is just 3.2 not 5 mega-pixel (more…)...read more

Fake Email sent from Twitter, Delete it Right now!

Hey, if you got an Email on your account from Twitter, don't think to open, and never think to click on the link inside it, It's just a big fake. Twitter Safety account has just tweeted that an Email will be sent telling you that your account will be deleted unless you click on the link, This is FAKE. (more…)...read more

Youtube brings 4K Resolutions, Smash the 1080p Videos!

What a fabulous news! it was announced from Youtube that the Youtube videos are going to support 4096P not just 1080P and that was reported by the YouTube's Director of Product Managementat today's in VidCon  2010 conference, promises 4K Videos. (more…)...read more

Google Maps brings Short URLs

So let's say good bye for long Google maps URLs ..SHORT URLs are coming ..we had this problem for years but to solve it,Google Maps Labs added a feature called "short URLs" that shows short permalinks when you click on "Link". (more…)...read more

3×3 cm Apple Touch Screen leaked in the Wild?

Anthony, this guy in the past got some White iPhone 4s before Apple announce it, and Today he came with a new 3x3 cm Apple Touch Screen, but What the hell Apple is gonna use it in? What could this ever be? (more…)...read more

iPad Mini 0_о

The video shows us Bob unboxing a new Apple’s wonderful product – iPad mini, which is much better than the original device as it’s more compact and handy. Of course, this is just a joke, but what if…? ...read more

Hit the bulls eye!

Price: $3.99 Download link: iTunes Recently we have published the video showing the guys shooting Apple iPad with a Barrett M82A1, there was a shooting mark drawn on the iPad’s screen. Now that shooting mark is available in KL Dartboard app but we will use darts instead of a Barrett as a weapon. Though the darts will be unusual… (more…)...read more

Guitar amplifier on iDevices

We have great news for all who can play guitar, or think they can . IK Multimedia announced its AmpliTube iRig – a guitar adapter for Apple iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. So, you can jack your guitar or bass directly into your iDevice and obtain access to a lot of effects. (more…)...read more