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Windows 7 and Mac OS X both hit by fundamental flaws

Security holes are so close to the core OSes that fixing them will be hard, say researchers who plan to reveal details next month at the Hack in the Box conference (more…)...read more

Slingshot Safari HD iPad Video Review

From the creators of the hit game Slingshot Cowboy comes: Slingshot Safari HD! complete with high definition graphics that not only looks and runs beautifully on your iPad but also offers endless hours of fun for the entire family. (more…)...read more

Qwak- a Challenging, Frenetic Platformer that Shines on the iPhone & iPod Touch.

Qwak's motto is “…-it's all about the gameplay…-”, and this duck is chock-full of that! (more…)...read more

Ankh-The Lost Treasures iPhone Review: Hidden Object Game Goes Egyptian

Hidden Object games are widely popular among casual and hardcore gamers. The recent craze of these games has brought many PC/Mac game developers to the app store to showcase these popular games. Ankh-The Lost Treasures by Softdistribution is a direct port from the computer game and plays like your standard search and find game mixed with a few new puzzle elements. (more…)...read more

X-Plane is the best flight simulator

Splendid flight simulator software for iPad is here now. The game is really nice, it features beautiful graphics. You have wide choice of planes – here are helicopters, air frames, fighters, and rockets. (more…)...read more

iPad in operating theater?!

Doctors in Japan recently used the iPad and an imaging software app from OsiriX in order to visualize a patient’s internal anatomy and cancerous lesions during an operation. And everything seems to be great – it is possible to pinch and zoom a series of images and animations to get a better look at the patient – but there is a question: what do they teach these doctors in universities that they can’t see the place to be operated without special device? I wouldn’t like to come to these doctors’ hands. ...read more

Bag for trips with iPad

Excellent bag for your iPad and not only, as we can see on the video, there is lots of room for good camera and many other necessary things. This is very useful accessory for those who prefer active rest and now, on the edge of holiday season, it is very timely. Bag from Amazon is available for $129.95. ...read more