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AT&T Enabling iPhone Tethering With iPhone OS 4

Last Month AT&T internet tethering was found in iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 But Now It's Official, iPhone Tethering With AT&T Coming With iPhone OS 4 in the United States this summer after Apple releases the iPhone OS 4 Final Version, It offers tethering as a $20 per month add-on. (more…)...read more

Skype has Been integrated With iPhone 4G on OS 4

Skype has been integrated Successfully with iPhone 4G working on OS 4 Firmware, It's Real that Skype will run in the background, and display call control outside of the application specially after the Multitasking in the OS 4. (more…)...read more

D8 Conference between Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie

From about an hour We announced you that Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie were Live at D8 Conference, Now it has finished and AllthingsD announced with the Full conference between both of them. (more…)...read more

Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie Live from D8 Conference

Steve Ballmer "Microsoft CEO" and Ray Ozzie "Chief Software Architect" are live now at the D8 Conference, Really It will be an Interesting Conference as Microsoft will Answer all Related Questions for Competitions between Apple, and Google. (more…)...read more

iDemo: A Mirror for your iPhone on your Desktop [Mac OSX]

iDemo has been Release to Reflex your iPhone on your Desktop and Yes it's Free. iDemo developed by guys on Plutinosoft and we Should say thanks for them. iDemo is developer for Mac OSX (till now) but they are saying that in the Upcoming version will work on Windows. Also iDemo works on Jailbroken iPhones (till now). (more…)...read more

Steve Ballmer talking about iPad, Google, Windows Phone and Cloud Computing

Today we announced you that Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie were Live at the D8 and when they Finished we Posted the D8 Conference between them. Now we caught some videos of Steve Ballmer talking about iPad, Google, Windows Phone and Cloud Computing. Watch the Videos after the jump.. (more…)...read more

Twitter is Testing a new Feature You both Follow

If you are a Facebook user, You may know that when you enter a Profile of your Friend you can see "Mutual Friends" Feature at the Left, Now Twitter is adding Something like that but it Still Under Test. Today Nick Kallen a Twitter Engineer has posted a tweet saying that they are testing a new Feature "You Both Follow" and it's only available for 10% of people. (more…)...read more

Moxie 2 iPhone Review: Pick Up and Play Word Game Goodness

What’s the best way to sum up Moxie 2’s playing style? Pressure-less and unique. Moxie 2 brings fun back to word games in a refreshing way that will keep you coming back. Its simple style creates an appeal for the casual gamers as well as the hardcore. (more…)...read more

Making video editing on iPad

Making video editing on iPad became as easy as ABC by the virtue of splendid application ReelDirector. You can use your favorite videos for making new video consisting of the very best moments, you can add various effects, unique sounds, dub in soundtracks etc. (more…)...read more