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You’ll have to pay for iPad OS Upgrade

Apple has started to expand the Golden Master version of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK to developers and it has also at the same time posted two new files to their servers: - iPad1,1_3.2_7B367_Restore.ipsw – for iPad’s firmware regeneration; do you want to download ? - iPadDocumentation_3.2.ipd – provides the end-user licensing agreement for the iPad software; do you want to download ? (more…)...read more

New version of iTunes

iTunes is free program for Mac and PC. It enables organizing digital media collection on your computer, listening to music and watching video. It will also help to synchronize all files on the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. You don’t have to go over CDs or switch the channels any more, just come up to the computer and switch on iTunes. The whole your collection is kept in media library where you can easily organize it, quickly find or play the needed file. (more…)...read more

DAW Controller by Saitara Software

Saitara Software has posted on its web site the information about the program AC-7 Pro for the iPad. This is fine virtual mixer for Apple tablet. Musicians will doubtless appreciate this application. Some of its facilities are as follows: (more…)...read more

$2 for access to the Net, it’s expensive but…

Boingo released new application which helps get the iPad online without any ties to AT&T. Boingo’s Wi-Fi Credits software also supports iPhones and iPod touch devices and offers wireless access to the Net for $1.99 per 1 hour. This new software became available in the iTunes App Store on March 29, it leverages a user’s iTunes account for payment. (more…)...read more

HTML5 Accelerated Acceptance Tied Directly To The iPad?

HTML5 adaption is accelerating at a faster than originally anticipated pace leading to speculation that Steve Jobs steadfast refusal to support Flash on it's mobile devices is starting to paying off. With upwards of a million iPad owners and over 40 Million iPhone and iTouch devices in the wild it clear that websites that refuse to support the new format are losing potential revue. (more…)...read more

Meet the iPad

Today Apple has posted on its web site introductory guided tours giving details of almost all apps for the iPad. Isn’t it the beginning of workshops about use of the iPad? Watch the video and learn. (more…)...read more

Kobo books for the iPad

Kobo is the company specializing in eBooks selling. It has released eReading application for the iPad which supports ePub format. Beautiful design, possibility to customize the app for yourself, good animation and nice interface. You can see its features on the video. ...read more

Bright protection

Almost each woman has a huge bag which can hold not only the iPad but also small refrigerator plus cosmetics. Ladies, for your bags specially Hard Candy presented its new case Sleek Skin as before you drop your iPad in such dangerous environment you should protect it properly. (more…)...read more

Eleven iPad Videos Showcase iPads Core Applications

iPad hysteria is in full swing with bloggers everywhere posting leaked screenshots, Lists for iPad Games and Applications set to launch April 3rd, but today we came across something better. How about eleven videos of the iPad and it's apps? (more…)...read more