Can Windows8 Tablet Be the Main rival of iPad

iPad is so far the most successful tablet all over the world. None Tablet is able to beat the sales of iPad so far. However recently launched Google Nexus is gaining a lot of popularity but still apple iPad remains at the top spot.

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This year windows8 with its metro style user interface is going to be launched which will be entirely new in design and user interface. Windows8 Tablet will run the operating system that will be capable of performing all the operations that you perform on PC.

Also it is expected that Microsoft Office 2013 will be launched on Windows8 with the help of which we can maintain all the documents.

The Microsoft Windows Tablet is the first tablet which will run the fully functioned Operating System. As most of the people use Excel , Word and Powerpoint to maintain their documents. Windows Tablet providing its users with Office 2013 which can fulfill all the needs and requirements of common person of making documents handling them in a easy way.

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