Set Phone as Modem in Windows 7 using Bluetooth

If you’re using Windows 7 and have a Bluetooth dongle (or any usb bluetooth device) and don’t have a DSL/Broadband connection, this is for you ;) Long time ago one of my friends asked me about how can he use his phone as modem in Windows 7 using Bluetooth as our recent posts is about phone as modem without PC Suite/OVI Suite using USB Cable (tested only in Windows XP).. so, decided to make a tutorial for it and wanted to share it to all. I booted on my Windows 7 and try it using only a Bluetooth device without PC Suite/OVI Suite Installed… more

Add Songs to Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7

These past days, I spend most of the time on my Windows 7 OS, because mainly I use Windows XP as my main workspace. and you are going to say Hey! Why still using XP? it’s dead already!, my answer is YES for people can afford to buy a new PC, but for me, XP is still the best OS for low-end PC like the one I have. I can run Windows 7 on this PC, but a little slower than XP, that is why XP is my main workspace. anyways, as I tackle my Windows 7 Professional (Registered, got it from I wanted to use it the way I usually do in more

Windows 7 Navigation Pane Customizer

Windows 7 Navigation Pane Customizer is a freeware application from door2windows that allows you to show, hide and rename items in the Windows 7 Explorer Navigation Pane. How to use: Run the Tool as Administrator Check the items that you want to show and uncheck the items that you want to hide. Click on the item that you want to rename and type the new name for it. Click Apply Settings. Now the Windows Explorer will restart and the changes will be applied. If you want to restore the default settings, click Restore Settings. Download more

How to Quickly Turn-Off your Display

Quickly Turn-Off your monitor or display with just a simple hotkey combination.. Here’s an portable app created by Factor Mystic to quickly turn-off your monitor with just a press of a hotkey / key combination.. It is called Turn-Off Monitor, it is really handy a useful app.. Download it Here, and run it, press a key combination you want, click save, then hide. It will sits in your system tray (like the preview above post).. every time you press the key you have saved it will execute the command, which is to Turn-Off your monitor :D to turn more

How To Access Advanced System Settings Quickly in Windows 7

Access Advanced System Settings quickly from Start Menu or create a shortcut for easy access in your Windows 7 PC. Most of the times we configure our Windows 7 performance settings from Advanced System Settings dialogue window through right-clicking Computer icon from your desktop or from the Start Menu and choose Properties, and on the Computer properties window, on the left pane of the window we are going to click Advanced System Settings after clicking that link, Advance System Settings window will pop-up, from their you can go through more

How To Remove or Clear Windows Update History Log in Windows 7

Overtime your Windows Update History Log will display long lists of your installed windows update, here is a simple tip to clear windows update history log… The reason for clearing or removing windows update history log is just to make it clean and make your windows update history refreshed, no performance boost or enhancements whatsoever, though its nice to clean things up a bit. Note: Doing this method will not remove your installed updates, it only removes your history log, and you can save that log information to a different location in more

Delete Files Directly in Windows XP/Vista/7

Another simple tip that i want to share to you ;) This is very handy when you want to delete file(s) in Windows XP/Vista/7 that you really don’t need them anymore… Just select the files that you want to delete, single file or multiple files by clicking them one by one while holding the CTRL key or highlighting them by dragging your mouse… after you have selected the file(s) you want to delete, release the CTRL key and now press and hold the SHIFT key in your keyboard and press Delete or right-click and choose delete (don’t release the SHIFT more

Pin Any Items in Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner is a free portable tool from door2windows that allows you to pin files, folders & web pages to your Windows 7 taskbar. Normally, the Pin to Taskbar option only works with EXE files but this tool enables you to pin any file of any extension, any folder & even web pages. Download Windows 7 Taskbar Items more

How to Adjust Dim, Turn-Off or Set your PC to Sleep in Windows 7

One way to save energy in your laptop is to dim the display when you are not using it in a specific duration of time. Saving battery life in a laptop is important and 1-way to conserve its power is to dim your display, turn-off or set it up to sleep in a period of time when you are not using it. In this tutorial we will adjust or set your display to dim for a specific period of time when not in use, setup how many minutes before turning off your display or configure it to sleep mode. Lets Get Started Click the power or battery icon on your more

Introducing the Troubleshooting Platform in Windows 7

#previewdiv { height: 290px; width: 455px;} Introducing the Troubleshooting Platform in Windows 7 Typically, when users have computer problems, they call help desk to resolve them. But if users have Windows 7 running on their computers, they can take advantage of its new features and tools to solve their computer problems without calling the helpdesk. This Learning Snack explores new ways to manage and troubleshoot common computer problems in Windows 7 by using the troubleshooting platform, Action Center, and Problem Steps Recorder. more

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