Windows 7 BootScreen for HD Screen Sizes

If you have a HD Screen Display with Windows 7, you’ll noticed that the boot screen are stretched out, this one fixes it…

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This process will modify your system files and I suggest to do this at your own risk.
Be sure to make a restore point first before doing this method.

metro bootscreen for windows 7

This boot screen is called Metro Bootscreen created by ritwyk

Authors Note:
If you have Windows 7 and a widescreen display, you’ve probably noticed that the boot animation gets stretched to fit the screen. This one fixes that, and more.
correct aspect ratio for 16:9 displays
richer colours than original Windows 7 animation
Metro-style text

To install this boot screen on windows 7, you’ll need Windows 7 Boot Updater.
Run it, then go to File > Load Boot Skin and browse the Metro Widscreen.bs7 and then click Apply button.

Restart and see your new boot screen. Enjoy.

Download Metro BootScreen for Windows 7
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