Scan your PC for Trojan, Virus & Malware with Portable SuperAntiSpyware

As part of your our Windows maintenance, we also scan for viruses or malwares regularly even if we do have Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware protecting in real time.

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We shared you some of good anti-viruses and anti-malware programs before and we do recommend it to protect your system from future infections.

Now, one of our recommended app to scan your system for other undetected infections is SuperAntiSpyware.

SuperAntiSpyware Portable

What is SuperAntiSpyware?
Its an windows application to scan and protect your pc from Trojans, Viruses and Malwares.

It can also repair your system if one of the windows built-in tools are disabled by rogue viruses and such.

The repair tool includes:

  • Enable Start Menu Run
  • Enable System Tray
  • Enable Task Manager
  • Home Page Reset
  • Remove Desktop Screen Saver
  • Remove/Reset Windows Desktop Background/Wallpaper
  • Repair Broken Network Connections
  • Reset URL Prefixes
  • and others…

If you don’t want the setup file or installer file to install it in your system, you can use the portable version and scan your system with it, the portable version has the latest definition file so you don’t need an internet connection to update it.

After you downloaded it, run and do a complete scan or you can save it to your USB Flash Drive and use it on an suspected for infection Windows PC.

 Download SuperAntiSpyware Portable Edition for Windows

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