Easily Turn OFF/ON Windows Functions & Tools with Manage It

Disable or Enable windows managing tools like Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt and many others…

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If you don’t want other users on your PC to run some advance windows tools, to prevent them from changing windows settings and others, you might need a handy tool called Manage It.

Manage It User Interface Preview

Manage It can easily Enable/Disable Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor or Disable some Right-click context menu or add entries.

It is portable app, you can run it without any installation. It supports Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.
a required .NET Framework 3.5 or above to run this app.

Download Manage It for Windows

Note: Use this tool at your own risk. We advise to create a system restore point before applying your tweak.

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  • yet

    Yes very handy indeed… Its very useful when your PC have multiple users.

  • ha14

    handy little tool