Tablet Dock 3D Effect Icons

A 3D Effect Style Icons in .PNG format 512px size.. more

Windows 7 ICON Pack for XP

This icon pack has been built using IconTweaker. IconTweaker is a freeware and a good alternative to IconPackager, which is a paid software. In order to change your Windows XP icons using IconTweaker, you need to first download and install the program. This Windows 7 Icon theme includes all Windows 7 shell icons for Start Menu, Folders, Network Connections, drives, files and Desktop. It also includes beautiful and transparent Windows 7 cursors. Download Windows 7 ICON Pack by more

Windows 7 Theme for XP by VishalGupta

“SevenVG RTM” theme has been created for Windows XP users who want to get the same Windows 7 look in XP. Download SevenVG RTM for XP by VishalGupta Download Hits: 338 - Filetype: .zip - Size: more

Download Novus Theme for Windows XP

Another theme for you windows xp users, Cool and Elegant Blue Color Theme for Windows XP called Novus by Gelosea. I love this theme a lot, a masterpiece artwork by gelosea. Hope you like it too. Download Novus Theme for Windows more

iMax LogonUI for Windows XP

iMax LogonUI by ~yethzart on more

Windows 7 RTM Style Theme for XP by saintlouiss

For best visual appearance you must install – Logoff / Shutdown Text Remover by Windows X – TClock Light by Kazuto Zato Download Windows 7 Style for XP by saintlouiss How to Install: Just Drag the folder inside the archive to “C:WindowsResourcesThemes” Your system must be patch to use any third party themes in windows like UXTheme Patcher… Update: Windows 7 RTM Style v2 by saintlouiss – No need to install LSPATCH! – Small arrow in folder tree – You can change your user account pictures! Download Windows 7 RTM Style more

Download Royale Vista II Final Theme for Windows XP

Its Just another Visual Style for Windows XP (Theme), it is called Royale Vista II Final created by dobee. Ok, before anything else, why I am posting a Theme for XP, which you will say again, XP is now Dead. Just to let you know, as of to date, 50-60 percent all over the world still uses Windows XP and the remaining percent is the rich people can afford to buy new High-End PC’s. so, this article is for those users who still uses XP, like me ;) Now, I would like to share you this great work of ART from the artist I’ve mentioned above. Again, more

Customize Windows XP’s General tab

It’s easy to customize Windows XP’s General tab in the System Properties dialog box with your support contact information and your company’s logo just by using Notepad. Here’s how: Launch Notepad and type the following text, replacing the dummy information shown here with your own: [General] Manufacturer=Yethz PC Model=5551212 [Support Information] Line1=Call Me for technical support Line2=Call Me for technical support Line3=Call Me for technical support Line4=Call Me for technical support Save the file in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder as more

Download Windows 8 RTM Theme for Windows XP

Its been a while we haven’t shared you an XP Theme, and in this post I will give you the perfect Windows 8 RTM Theme for your Windows XP Since Windows 8 RTM (Release To Manufacturer) came out on MSDN/Technet users, we are seeing screenshots of the final build of Windows 8 and honestly even though its not so fancy looking based from its successor Windows 7, it is still nice looking and simple. Now, here in this article, we will share you the best Windows 8 RTM Theme for Windows XP users out there, and I know that XP is still around the globe. more

RevoUltimate Windows XP Theme

RevoUltimate is a fresh looking theme for your Windows XP (SP2 or SP3) machine and created by XstyleOne from deviantART community. If you want to use Revo you have to patch a system file called “uxtheme.dll”. If your windows system is not patched yet you can use the UXTheme Multi-Patcher… Authors Note: How to install? After you patched the file you must install the fonts (needed for best experience). Copy the fonts into Windows directoryFonts. Good, now you have to copy the msstyles into Windows dir/Resources/Themes (or in other folder if more

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