Smooth Clean and Clear Windows Aero Theme for Windows 7

Since Windows Vista came out we are introduced with an Aero theme until Windows 7, but now I am going share you this perfect Aero VS…

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This Aero Visual Style is better, smoother, cleaner & softer than the default Aero I have seen so far till this date.

Smooth Aero Window

Smooth Aero Taskbar

Smooth Aero Active Window

Smooth Aero InActive Window

Looks amazing and elegant isn’t it? If you install this visual style on your Windows 7 OS, I will surely say that you will use it for a very long time than other VS you have tried.

Visual Style name is Windows Aero 7.3 by leosss from dA community. It also comes with Basic version, full preview here.

Download Windows Aero 7.3 for Windows 7
Download Hits: 311 – Filetype: .rar – Size:

Note: To install Windows Aero 7.3 (custom visual style) you’ll need to patch your Windows 7 with UX-Theme Multi-Patcher that can be easily done.

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