Dream Theme for Windows 7

This theme was designed to give a smooth, clean and professional look to windows 7 and also to make the work on your computer much easier for your eyes!

Dream 7 Theme

Dream Theme for Windows 7 by giannisgx89. Also this theme uses a lot the apple like text effect with the white shadow on bottom of the text to make even more clean!

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Download Dream 7 Theme for Windows 7

How to Install this Theme?
Download it, extract it to a folder you want and copy Dream folder you have extracted and paste it to;


then double-click Dream.theme and it will be automatically applied. Enjoy 😉
Got some questions? Drop it below the comment area.

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  • yet

    Only 1 thing that I know of that things dont work.
    That is you done it wrongly 😉

  • yet

    Have you patched your Windows so you can use 3rd party themes?

  • fwsadaqd

    not working, nothing happens after double clicking