Download Metro Start Button for Windows 7

We all knew that Windows 8 will be out by 2012, and recently we saw some Windows 8 previews/screenshots…

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and the main feature of Windows 8 is the Metro Style of it. Now, many theme creators of windows 7 and customizers took the concept and apply it to our Windows 7 to make it Windows 8 Metro look.

So, I decided to make also a Metro-ish Style Start Button in Windows 7, well, its only a concept of mine too 😉

Metro Start Button for Windows 7

Do you like it? coz I do love it. If you want to try this Metro Start Button concept you can download it from the link below, and also you will need to use Windows 7 Start Button Changer to apply this easily.

Download Metro Start Button for Windows 7
Download Hits: 411 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 142.11 kB

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